Better Homes of Seaford, Inc. is a non-profit agency with a board of directors of 11 members.

  • Norman Poole, President
  • Ron Russell, Vice President
  • Veronica F. Hall, Treasurer
  • Jane Smack, Secretary
  • Arsie Burton
  • Shirley Caldwell
  • Cliffonia Gaines
  • Anna Lee
  • Fran Ruark
  • Clementine Parker
  • Kathy Young

In  August of 2021, after a competitive process, the Succession Committee recommended to the Board of Directors to hire Susan R. Kent to be the next Executive Director of BHOS.  Executive Director, William G. Roupp, retired in October 2021 after 26 years of dedicated service in building affordable housing for the community of Seaford.

The new Director, Susan Kent (September 2021), and a part time Financial Coordinator staff Better Homes of Seaford, Inc. The management and maintenance staff are employees of the management company. East Coast Property Management, Inc. is the management company for all the properties.

Separate corporations with individual boards of directors were established for separate legal entity and/or creation of partnerships for funding purposes for Virginia Crest Village, Williamsburg Manor, Yorktown Woods, Chandler Heights, Hampton Circle, Herring Ridge and now under development, Jamestowne Center.

Some of the directors serve on all of the boards as a director and/or officer. Better Homes of Seaford, Inc. is either considered the parent company and/or sponsor with oversight responsibility.

Better Homes of Seaford, Inc. meets 9 months of the year and the other boards meet 4 times a year. Meetings are held jointly. Chandler Heights II and Charleston Place are owned directly without a separate corporation for ownership.

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